Manifast Laser System

Manifast Laser System, Manifast Laser System

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Manifast Laser System

Product Specifications:
  • CVD, HPHT Laser Sawing.
  • The Manifest of OGI Systems most compact laser diamond machining system.
  • The 3-axis machine is designed for sawing, Slicing and cutting fancy shape.
  • The Manifest with two additional rotary axes also allows high precision coning, bruting and faceting.
  • The Manifest Laser System is a state-of-the-art CNC machine system that is replacing all other previous methods for cutting, by using powerful green lasers.
  • It is an accurate machine capable of lab growing material through a gentle method and guarantees remarkable surface quality.
  • Manifest can do the most precise cutting of CVD, HPHT.

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