Medium-efficiency Bag Type Filter

Medium-efficiency Bag Type Filter, Hongyuan

Brand Name:


Minimum Order Quantity:

100 pc(s)

Production Lead Time:

7-15 day(s)

Product Specifications:
  • Medium-efficiency bag filter is mainly used to filter the dust particles with the diameter of 0.5μm and above.
  • It has the advantage of more filtering area, high dust holding capacity, low resistance and it can be washed and used repeatedly, etc.
  • Bag filters are extensively used in the ventilation systems of the central air conditionings and the purification of pharmacy industry, hospital, electron industry, and food industry, etc.
  • Additionally, they can also be used in the front end filtration of the high-efficiency air filters to reduce their loads and prolong their service lives.
  • Bag filters have dust holding capacity and low wind speed because of their big windward area.
  • Therefore, they are regarded as the best medium-efficiency filter structure up to present.
  • They use new-type complex nonwovens or imported minute glass fiber and imported synthetic fiber and are covered with reinforcing and molding filter materials.
  • They have bag-shaped molds and are equipped with all kinds of metal outside frames (galvanizing plate, iron plate, and aluminum alloy, etc.)
Filtering material:
  • Generally, there are three kinds of filtering materials used, namely, complex nonwovens, synthetic fiber and glass fiber.


Shenzhen, China

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