Micro-Arc Oxidation Based Surface Modification

Micro-Arc Oxidation Based Surface Modification
Product Specifications:
Mg alloys have been increasingly used as housing materials for laptop and mobile phone because of its light weight, high strength, good electromagnetic shielding property and castability. However, their high chemical activity makes them susceptible to corrosion. Compared to existing methods, micro-arc oxidation (MAO) is an effective surface treatment process to form protective oxide layers on Mg alloy substrates at a fast deposition rate with superior adhesion, excellent corrosion and wear resistance. MAO processes are suitable for Mg alloys, Al alloys and Ti alloys, in which the surface properties can be further engineered for specific applications.

  • Excellent corrosion and wear resistance
  • Electrical and thermal conductivity as well as hydrophobicity of surface can be modified
  • Environmentally friendly without toxic chemicals
  • Superior adhesion
  • Products made of Al alloys, Mg alloys and Ti alloys
  • Mobile communication products such as mobile phone and laptop housing
  • Automotive parts and medical implants
  • Lighting fixtures such as EMC box and heat sinks