Mineral Water Treatment and Bottling

Mineral Water Treatment and Bottling
Product Specifications:
Reverse osmosis (RO):
  • The principle of Reverse osmosis is using high pressure differential across a permeable substance.
  • The purification works by high pressure forcing a pre-treated solution through a permeable membrane in order to separate inorganic salt, organic and bacteria from water.
  • RO frequently works together with ion exchanger to obtain ultra pure water.
  • Continuous Electro-Deionization (CEDI) System:
  • CEDI system use ion exchange membranes, ion exchange resins and automation to produce high-purity water continuously.
  • It uses electrostatic and ion exchange principle to obtain ultra pure water in a stable manner. When combine with reverse osmosis (RO) pre-treatment, it produces 18 megohm-cm (25 deg C) quality water.
Ultraviolet sterilizer:
  • To kill micro-organism and virus in water by high ultra violet light dosage.
Ozonation system:
  • Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent and disinfectant for water treatment. It only requires short contact time and low dosage for effective disinfection and does not produce persistent residues in the water and no secondary pollution.
  • Ozonation has the best disinfection capabilities in water within pH range 5.6 ~ 9.8 and temperature within 0 - 37°C.
  • The raw material for ozone generation is air or oxygen. Ozone is produced quietly under high electrical voltages discharge.
  • Ozone contact systems use advanced packing tower or dynamic mixer or a combination of both to obtain the best performance.

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