Nano Bio Delivery System

Nano Bio Delivery System
Product Specifications:

NAMI has developed a comprehensive core technology for topical delivery, including nanocarriers, micro depot arrays and nanofibers. The essence of all three systems is the improved penetration of active ingredients into the skin regions most needed. Each platform has its specific advantages: nanocarrier is applicable to active ingredients of different molecular sizes and compatible with lotion, cream or serum; the single-use micro depot arrays with tiny spike structures provide instant localized delivery to dark circles/spots or regional wrinkles; nanofibers possess high loading of active ingredients and are super fit with skin surface, both features are ideal for making skin masks.

  • Benefits:
  • Lower cost for expensive active ingredients.
  • Fewer amounts of active ingredients used in production.
  • Nanocarrier: high compatibility with different skin care products.
  • Micro depot array: Instant delivery of active ingredients.
  • Nanofibers: high loading of active ingredients; enhanced penetration of active ingredients into skin; applicable to active ingredients of different molecular sizes; intense localized treatment; and super fit with skin surface.
  • Applications:
  • Nanocarrier: essence, cream, lotion.
  • Micro depot array: dark circle removal patch, anti-wrinkle patch, anti-spot patch.
  • Nanofibers: face mask, neck mask, hand/foot mask.