Odor Filtration System

Odor Filtration System, FB-PW100, FUBI

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Product Specifications:
  • The FB-PW100 Odor Filtration System can extract and purify the air in
  • the lens grinding chamber. Specialty chemical filters can deal with odor
  • of toxic and/or high-index lenses can produce.
  • Wastewater flow into water-odor separator
  • A. Water overflow to tank and then overflow
  • to sewer. Big chips leave in A, small chips
  • leave in the tank.
  • Air in edger chamber will be
  • extracted to FB-PW100 through
  • water-odor separator A. Micro
  • dust and odor will leave in filter
  • material. Clean air will be direct
  • discharged indoor
  • . Odor and Micro dust in edger chamber can be filtrated
  • . 6-layout filter material inside
  • . Industrial Eddy fan, adjustable speed
  • . Manual or auto mode. Linkage with Multi- layer filter edger in auto mode
  • . Flexibility
  • . Easy to use
  • . Economical and efficient
  • . Almost maintenance free
  • . Industrial design is durabl