Pearl Clasp

Pearl Clasp, Gc 2151

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Gc 2151

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US $391.00

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Product Specifications:
A perfect clasp to personalize your favorite accessory and show off your unique character, this clasp adds instant sophistication to any lustrous single-strand pearl necklace. The masterfully crafted piece portrays a hollow letter-D design in yellow gold, and further sparkles with dazzling diamonds embedded along to bring your jewelry to the next level. 

• Made of 18k yellow gold.
• Embedded with 38 diamond specks.
• Portray a hallow letter-D design.
• An O-ring at each end for single-strand fastening.
• A perfect clasp to personalize a pearl necklace.
• Add instant sophistication to any necklace.


Yellow Gold

Product Size:

8.2 x 11.5 mm

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