Plasma-driven Catalysis Air Purifier

Plasma-driven Catalysis Air Purifier
Product Specifications:
Unlike traditional plasma technology that generates many harmful by-products, the NAMI developed air purification technology based on plasma driven catalysis (PDC) features high energy efficiencies, high mineralization rates, and low by-products formation. This air cleaning technology enables deep purification of the whole range of toxic compositions into CO2 and H2O at low temperature.

It can effectively and efficiently not only remove air contaminants, but also trap the airborne particles such as PM10 and PM2.5. The NAMI air purification technology can potentially be applied to heavily polluted environment, and can be used for stand-alone air purifiers or integrated with ventilation systems and air conditioners.

  • Higher efficiency than plasma only and catalyst only air purification technology
  • Effective and efficient removal of air contaminants such as VOCs, odor, bacteria and virus
  • Large air flow
  • Low by-products formation
  • Effective collection of airborne particles such as PM2.5
  • Flexibility for scaling up to large device
  • Integration with ventilation system and air conditioner
  • Factories (e.g. for jewelry, printing and tobacco)
  • Offices
  • Smoking rooms
  • Casinos

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