Protective Eyewear with Clear Wrap-Around Lenses

Protective Eyewear with Clear Wrap-Around Lenses, 2020040102
Protective Eyewear with Clear Wrap-Around Lenses, 2020040102
Protective Eyewear with Clear Wrap-Around Lenses, 2020040102

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U.S. Dollar 3.55

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T/T, PayPal

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500 piece(s)

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15-20 day(s)

Unit Price:    US $4.20 /piece

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US $4.20

15 day(s)

Product Specifications:
Safety Glasses Protective Eyewear with Clear Wrap-Around Lenses Eye Goggles Dustproof Glasses UV Pro
Product features
Safety goggles are made out of scratch resistant polycarbonate material, impact protection against flying particles and chemical splatter. This protective eyewear also filter out 99 percent of UV light. This feature serves as a significant tool in the prevention of eye illness and disease caused by long-term exposure to harmful rays.
Protective eyewear with untinted unilens can be used indoors and outdoors without interfering with color recognition .No optical distortion; Anti-scratch; Not only protect your eyes during the daytime sunshine, pollution, and dust, but they also allow you to see clearly at night.
Goggle style eyewear fits over most prescription glasses, with indirect vents to help protect against splashes and reduce fogging .
Protective eye wear size:14cm x15.2cm x5.5cm. Polycarbonate wraparound frame for impact resistance, with built-in nosepiece for comfortable, secure fit.
Eye protection goggles are ideal for indoor and general purpose applications .
Product description
Safety First
A dependable precaution for many professions including carpentry, lab work, construction, and more, the safety glasses offer durability you can trust.
Anti-Scratch Construction
Made of tough polycarbonate, the safety glasses feature a scratch-resistant construction, making them long-lasting and reliable in many environments.
Featuring impact-resistant lenses, the glasses help prevent injury under circumstances such as wood or metal splintering, tree-trimming and more.
Wrap-Around Protection
  • Size:14cm x15.2cm x5.5cm.
  • It can hold your own eye glasses inside completely. With a design that extends into wide, protective sides and contoured ear rests, the safety glasses provide extra defense when it's needed most.
  • Perfect for protecting your eyes during carpentry, construction, labwork, yard work, etc.
  • Great For Power Tool Work, Sawing/Drilling Metal Or Wood, Hammering & Overhead Work.
  • Very nice glasses for protecting your eyes at shooting ranges. Use these glasses for eye protection from the wind when riding, cycling, biking, running.
  • Suitable for all kinds of environments, activities, and weather conditions.


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