Public Art

Public Art
Product Specifications:
"Flip Mata" is a public installation at the outer wall of NTUB. It is an installation flipping 464 pieces of stainless panel with pneumatic devices. It changes different shapes by a program control system. At the first floor entrance, directional speakers were set up to play the special sound generated by flipping the panels and make a special sound field individually to the audience. Besides, the audience gains different experiences by changing their point of view. With the flow of time, the changing of light and shadow, this installation gives an effect like afternoon tree shadows and grants a new imagination to the campus.
  • Year: 2013.
  • Artist: Noiz Architects, JO Kazuhiro.
  • Building material: stainless steel and pneumatic devices.
  • Program setup location: outer wall of the Chun-shi building, Taipei University of Business.