Quality Control Services

Quality Control Services
Product Specifications:
Product Inspections and Product Testing

AsiaInspection is a quality control services company performing on-site Product Inspections and product testing in China, India, and greater Asia for importers worldwide. We guarantee to have one of our 400+ trained inspectors at any factory in Asia within 48 hours. Create your free account to schedule your Product Inspections and secure your imports.
Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
An Inspection to guarantee the conformity of production to your specifications.
Production Monitoring (PM)
Constant oversight in your factory with daily reports on quality and production status.
During Production Check (DUPRO)
Control and recommendations for production processes and capacity.
Initial Production Check (IPC)
Inspection of machinery and materials to be used for your order prior to production.
Container Loading Check (CLC)
Guarantee the finished and packed goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity) and are securely loaded for shipment.

Production Monitoring
For challenging or sensitive orders, have an inspector monitor your production and report daily to identify and fix problems in real-time.

Why You Need Production Monitoring: Production Monitoring puts an inspector onsite during the production cycle, representing your interests, to ensure production, materials, quality, schedules are at the level you and your manufacturer initially agreed upon.

Why AsiaInspection:
$309 USD all-inclusive per man-day
An inspector onsite within 48 hours and same day reports
Easy online scheduling with customizable checklists

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