Quantum Dot Nanofiber Mat for High Quality Display (QD-MAT)

Quantum Dot Nanofiber Mat for High Quality Display (QD-MAT)
Product Specifications:
With NAMI’s expertise in electrospinning technologies, a highly flexible quantum dot (QD) nanofiber mat is developed for use in LCD displays to achieve rich and vivid color that can rival OLED performance but at a much lower cost. This QD-MAT is lightweight and does not require extra power to drive. It can achieve close to 90% of National Television System Committee (NTSC) color standard, compared to traditional LCD displays which can only produce 60-70% of the standard. Potential applications of QD-MAT can extend beyond improving the color gamut of LCD displays to other lighting and display technologies.

  • Natural, rich and vivid colour
  • Precise tuning of display spectrum
  • Battery-free system
  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable in size and forms
  • Environment-friendly: lead- and cadmium-free
  • Displays for TV, cellphones, computers, etc. 
  • High brightness LED lighting with higher color rendering index
  • Grow light with tunable emission spectrum for indoor planting