Rubber Umbrella Valve

Rubber Umbrella Valve  , custom made

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custom made

Reference Price:

U.S. Dollar 0.03

Type of Payment:

Advance T/T Payment, COD, PayPal

Minimum Order Quantity:

1 carton (1,000 piece(s))

Production Lead Time:

30 day(s)

Unit Price:    US $30.00 /carton

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Price / carton

Processing Time

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US $30.00

30 day(s)

Small Order


US $30.00

30 day(s)

Product Specifications:
Umbrella valve rubber stopper

Technological Features in KEF 
1. Precision moulding technology
  • The challenge to create products in complicated shapes and the smallest gaskets/packing in the world.
  • We currently manufacture O rings with 0.05 mm inside diameter.
2. Washing technology
  • Clean room / Super pure water generation equipment
  • We have set up a clean room, class 1000 in our factory. We have also ensured the quality of our products when washing them in super pure water.
3. Material technology
  • Development for materials according to customers’ needs and approach for the next-generations’ materials.
  • We are taking great leaps to create alternative materials for rubbers e.g. liquid silicone, etc.




Custom Made

Product Size:

Custom Made


Hong Kong

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