Security Camera Set

Security Camera Set, Qsm-1700+ BCC-7002x4, ODM/OEM

Model No.:

Qsm-1700+ BCC-7002x4

Brand Name:


Minimum Order Quantity:

1,000 set(s)

Production Lead Time:

20-30days day(s)

Product Specifications:
Displayed here is a set of four cameras for security and surveillance use. The cameras come in rectangular shape and are equipped with adjustable mounting brackets. They are easy to set up and can capture clear images and videos.
  • Set of 4 security cameras.
  • Rectangular shaped cameras.
  • With adjustable mounting brackets.
  • 17" B/W cable quad monitor.
  • With 2 way talking function.
  • Picture in picture (PIP).
  • VCR playback.
  • Motion detect.
  • Real time quad mode.
  • Automatically alarm for input video loss with time and date record.
  • Built in microphones.
  • Capture clear images and videos.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Reliable and effective security solution.



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