Sediment and Soil Test

Sediment and Soil Test, E03
Product Specifications:
ALS Technichem (HK) Pty Ltd, a professional testing provider accredited by the HOKLAS, delivers an extensive range of sediment and soil testing services. Below is a list of services they present. 
  • Land Soil Groundwater.
  • Guidance Manual for Use of Risk-Based Remediation Goals for Contaminated Land Management RBRG.
  • Metals.
  • Chromium.
  • SVOC.
  • VOC.
  • PCB.
  • Dioxins.
  • Cyanide.
  • TBT.
  • Marine Sediment.
  • WBTC 34/2002.
  • PAH.
  • PCB.
  • Tributyl Tin TBT.
  • Ecotoxicology.

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