Product Specifications:
Featured is a piece of white pomayo sheepskin. Thanks to the professional craftsmanship, our sheepskins are sheared in full panels without holes, heads, tails, or limbs. With the wool kept on the hides, they are great for making luxurious sheepskin products like mats, chair covers, and more.

• Full-panel sheepskin with the wool kept on the hide.
• Well treated with no holes, heads, tails, or limbs.
• 100% white Pomayo sheepskins.
• Size: 5 to 7 sq.ft.
• Average size: approximately 6.25 sq.ft.
• Wool length: 25 to 50mm.
• Wool fineness: 20 to 26 microns (average 24 microns).
• Selection: 90% A-grade skin and 10% B-grade skin.
• 1 container = approximately 5,000 pieces of skin.
• Available in both air dried and wet salted skins.

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