Solar Ventilator (Round Bottom)

Solar Ventilator (Round Bottom), 711
Solar Ventilator (Round Bottom), 711

Model No.:


Reference Price:

U.S. Dollar Confidential

Type of Payment:


Minimum Order Quantity:

3,000 piece(s)

Production Lead Time:

6-8 week(s) after receipt of payment week(s)

Product Specifications:
  • The solar ventilator is a breakthrough in technology designed for easily fixing on metal wall, on glass, on roof , on boat or on caravan
  • Work instantly and automatically from the sunlight
  • As 4 pieces of plastic adaptors are equipped for easy mounting
  • Helps to keep the air fresh and removes cooking smells, lets hot air out and cool air in
  • Helps to reduce condensation, fungus, unpleasant odours, mildew, stale odours, tobacco, smoke and unwanted smells
  • Weather resistant and water resistant
  • Circulate the air slowly and smoothly with the soft air , no worry about the violence of the strong air make your room untidy and dusty
  • Easy to release off the unit by twist anti-clockwise for cleaning dust after long period of running
  • Simple, easy to install, no wiring, no plugs, no electricity, no battery, no noise
  • No funning cost , free energy from the sun
  • Voltage Voc: 2V
  • Current Isc: up to 400mA
  • Dimension: 170 x 72mm (height)
  • Weight: 400 grams


Ivory White


Hong Kong

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