Spectacles Frame Testing

Spectacles Frame Testing
Product Specifications:
We offer professional testing service for spectacles frames. Our analytical services are developed by ISO with ISO 12870 to introduce the basic requirements and test methods of spectacles frames. We have a wide scope of testing such as dimensional tolerance testing, dimensional stability and elevated temperature testing, bridge deformation testing, and so on.
  • ISO 12870 to demonstrate spectacles frames are strong, durable and free from allergenic substances.
  • ISO 12870 to certify spectacles frames are safe in use.
  • Dimensional tolerance testing.
  • Dimensional stability and elevated temperature testing.
  • Bridge deformation testing.
  • Lens retention testing.
  • Endurance testing.
  • Resistance to perspiration testing.
  • Resistance to optical radiation testing.
  • Resistance to ignition testing.
  • Nickel release testing (on for metal frame).

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