Sublimation Ink

Sublimation Ink, Elvajet SE100 / S4, Sensient

Model No.:

Elvajet SE100 / S4

Brand Name:


Product Specifications:
  • Orders accepted and delivered only to China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • Inks for ink jet printing using piezo drop on demand technology.
  • Elvajet SE 100 for printing on polyester.
  • S4 is be used with Epson TFP printhead!!!!!
  • The Elvajet SE 100 ink series is suitable for most piezo printers using water-based inks (Epson 9800, Mimaki JV5 et al., Mutoh, Roland).
Novel feature:
  • With respect to its predecessor, the S4 Subli series, the Elvajet SE 100 series enable an average ink coverage saving of 30%, which significantly reduces the stress on the transfer paper, thus originating less cockling and needing less drying power.