Test for Footwear Accessory

Test for Footwear Accessory
Product Specifications:
  • The center can test and certify most products in its modern laboratories to make sure that they meet the essential safety, quality, reliability and performance requirements. STC's qualified inspectors can verify a manufacturing facility's capability, inspect products at the factory before shipment and certify manufactured goods are in compliance with contract specifications. The center's experienced professionals can advise manufacturers and trading organizations on how to improve their products and achieve international quality, environmental and social objectives.
  • Shoe lace strength: Dry test, Wet test.
  • Dry test after pre-wetting (leather only).
  • Breaking force and extension at break of shoe laces.
  • Attachment strength of shoe lace tags.
  • Zipper strength.
  • Lateral strength of slide fasteners.
  • Strength of slide fastener pullers.
  • Attachment strength of slide fastener and stops.
  • Slider locking strength of slide fasteners.
  • Slide fastener burst strength.
  • Breaking force of buckles.
  • Three point bending test.
  • Strength of straps, buckles, lace hole, eyelets or D-ring and related attachments:
    Strength of eyelet facings and D ring.
    Strength of eyelet attachment in footwear.
    Strength of fastened buckles.
    Strength of buckle and strap attachment.
  • Salt water corrosion.
  • Shear strength of hook-and-loop fastener (before and after 5000 cycles fatigue test).
  • Peeling strength of hook-and-loop fastener (before and after 5000 cycles fatigue test).
  • Knot slippage test.

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