Ventilation System

Ventilation System, Ensto Enervent
Ventilation System, Ensto Enervent
Ventilation System, Ensto Enervent

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Ensto Enervent

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Enervent (part of Ensto Group) is a manufacturer of energy-efficient ventilation units for small houses, public buildings and properties.

Enervent products are renowned for their high-end quality and innovativeness. For instance, It is the only such company in Finland whose products belong to the highest A energy class.

Electrical heating combined with efficient heat recovery and appropriate control is an ideal heating choice not only for plus, passive and low-energy houses, but for renovation targets as well.

Healthy indoor air increases your well-being. Today people spend much of their life indoors. It is therefore important to take care of the quality and freshness of indoor air. With our energy efficient ventilation units, the used indoor air is removed and replaced with fresh, filtered, pre-warmed or cooled outside air. Our units incorporate unique wintertime humidity recovery with high efficiency that prevents excessive drying of the indoor air. Enervent units have been installed for over 30 years in homes and business facilities, both in Finland and other European countries.
A ventilation energy recovery unit from Enervent, will remove stale dirty air from your home, and replace it with fresh, clean, filtered air, while recovering the valuable cool or warm air from the outgoing air and efficiently transferring it to the incoming air.

In the ventilation unit a rotating wheel is used to warm up the cold outside air before it is taken inside the building. The heat exchanger absorbs heat from the exhaust air and with this warms up or cools the outside air. The wheel has to rotate between these two airflows to achieve heat transfer.

The rotary heat exchanger is the most efficient and cost saving way of recovering energy during winter. In the warm weather cold is recovered with the same high efficiency.
The smallest standard rotating wheel produced by Enervent, has a heat transfer surface of 55 m² which gives an excellent heat recovery efficiency of 75 - 85 % depending on the supply and exhaust air volumes.

The rotating wheel can operate in lower outside air temperatures without freezing than other types of heat exchangers. With a rotating heat exchanger we are able to balance the humidity inside the house in the winter on a healthy level between 35 -50 %, because the wheel also recovers some of the humidity on the supply and exhaust air volumes.
All Enervent ventilation units are constructed for use throughout the year. Additional heating is seldom needed because the efficiency is as high as 85 %. Along with providing good indoor air quality, Enervent units save more heating energy than most other heat recovery units - all thanks to the high through the year efficiency.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Great convenience.
  • Dehumidifying ventilation

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