Wake-up Light Alarm Clock

Wake-up Light Alarm Clock, 2020061003
Wake-up Light Alarm Clock, 2020061003
Wake-up Light Alarm Clock, 2020061003
Wake-up Light Alarm Clock, 2020061003
Wake-up Light Alarm Clock, 2020061003

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U.S. Dollar 15.55

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T/T, PayPal

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500 piece(s)

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15-20 day(s)

Unit Price:    US $22.55 /piece

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US $22.55

15 day(s)

Product Specifications:
Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock , Radio for Bedrooms, 7 Colored Night Light
  • Wake Up Alarm Clock : Gently bring you out of a deep sleep with brightness gradually and multiple alarm sounds including: Piano Music, Bird Singing, Beep, FM Radio and Mute , 10mins,20mins,or 30mins before alarm time. The Light Brightness , Screen Brightness and Volume all adjustable to make it perfect to fit your habit.
  • Night Light and Sunset Light LED Alarm Clock: One button to “on” or “off “ the warm light, adjustable brightness for kids, bedroom. Sunset fading night light, can select 10min,30mins and 60mins to make the light gradually fade to darkness, help you relax you body and your mind, make fall asleep more easily.
  • Alarm Clock Radio and Snooze Function: Digital FM Radio can save up to 40 channels, can be setting as the alarm sounds. Will waked up from different sounds or news. And Want more sleeping when clock rings? Easy to press “Snooze” button allows you to snooze and get up 15mins later. Light will brightness gradually again after 10mins, and rings again in next 5mins. Snooze can up to 3 times. Will never miss the any important meeting.
  • 7 Colored Alarm Clock for Kids and Touch Panel: When used as an atmosphere night light: 3 seconds touch the light button, 7 colors (warm white-green- red- blue- purple-orange-indigo) circulation, touch the “+”or “-” to stay one color as your like.
  • 12Hr/24Hr and Adjustable Design: Press the time set button to choose 12hr or 24hr time display. Adjustable: 1.The Brightest light 1-10 level of the wake up mode(default as 8 level );2.Warm Light adjustable; 3.Alarm sound volume(even no voice or choose Mute directly);4.Touch Screen Light 4 levels adjustable


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