Wall Cladding System for interior design

Wall Cladding System for interior design

Type of Payment:

Deposit, T/T before Shipment

Minimum Order Quantity:

150 square meters

Production Lead Time:

30 day(s)

Product Specifications:
Wall Cladding System for Architectural Projects
  • Zebra Fixtures wall cladding system with innovative design help builders break through technical boundary from cumbersome processes on renovation works, speeding up processes with significant improvement that saving both operation cost and construction lead-time. Products and service for both local and export markets.
  • This 1 minute video includes 2 parts; the 1st part is for interior design projects, while 2nd part is for retail store display projects. 
Key features and benefits:
  • Pre-fabricated modules ready for immediately installation.
  • Cladding modules are manufacture in according to case by case need, using CAD 3D program to visualize the preference design and stimulation the required number of modules on each wall, so that our customers can eliminate a lot of cumbersome construction processes, cut off expensive operation cost on site.
  • Boost to the highest work efficient.
  • Brand new technical design giving ease of installation, less technical skill requires and less man power to handle, let’s work much faster and less effort than the old way.
  • Unleash design inspiration.
  • Available with wide spectrum of material choices that offer greatest flexibility on design options address to every architectural project need.





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