Weekly Pill Organizer

Weekly Pill Organizer, 20170816126
Weekly Pill Organizer, 20170816126
Weekly Pill Organizer, 20170816126

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Seniors and ageing grandparents may find it difficult to organise the various pills they have to take multiple times a day, and this is when this weekly pill dispenser comes in handy. This pill dispenser is designed with seven removable trays, with each covered with a lid, and all tray comes with four labeled compartments, so you can organise the pills for seniors at home and place them accordingly in the compartments for them. Make sure your ageing parents and grandparents are taking the right doses of the right medicines at the right time with this highly functional and well-designed weekly pill organiser. 
  • A seven-day pill organiser for seniors at home. 
  • Features a transparent holder holding seven removable trays, each with a lid. 
  • Trays are printed with weekdays and come in different colors.
  • Each tray comes with four labeled compartments. 
  • Compartments are labeled with “morn”, “noon”, “eve” and “bed” for extra clarity. 
  • FDA approved and safe so it would not affect the effectiveness of the medicines. 
  • Able to keep your meds fresh. 
  • Can load and remove pills effortlessly. 
  • A rugged and durable set. 
  • A user-friendly and must-have set for seniors at home. 





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5" wide by 5" tall

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