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Exhibitors and Buyers Quotes
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Exhibitors’ Comments

“In business for over 30 years, NEC Hong Kong strives to provide cutting-edge information & communications technologies and telecommunications network services to customers worldwide. We are participating in this ICT Expo for the first time to showcase our Smart Living and Smart City solutions. We are especially excited to be here as the Expo carries the theme ‘Smart City: The Way of the Future’ this year. A major highlight is our ‘Humane’ robot designed for social needs. The robot will encourage interactive communications with the elderly and children in need so as to promote healthy living. We are also showcasing our face recognition technology catering to various needs such as public transport, retailing and amusement parks for better security and efficiency. Shortly after the opening of the fair, we’ve got in touch with an electronic appliances maker from Argentina to explore cooperation in adding our technologies to its products for Smart Living applications. The atmosphere is very positive. Featuring so many different exhibitors from system integrators to startups, the Expo is really a great place to exchange ideas and promote ICT business development.
Gary Tai, Business Director, NEC Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong
“Cisco is participating in the International ICT Expo for the first time to showcase our advanced Smart City management solutions. We’re very pleased to see the Expo incorporate strong emphasis on Smart City features this year. The Smart City Zone offers a perfect stage to promote our Kinetics for City Management, an integrated platform backed by IoT sensors to track real-time data for better management and efficiency. The platform can greatly enhance digital planning in various aspects such as better management of environment, lights, water, waste and transport. Real-time data can also be transmitted to the public via mobile app if necessary. Some countries like Spain, India and the Chinese mainland have already put in place our system. Smart City is the way forward and the Expo is just a great place to promote our technology and extend our exposure. We’ve already got into touch with a number of potential customers, especially companies in Hong Kong.
Garrick Ng, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, Cisco Systems (HK) Ltd, Hong Kong
“Ai Platform is showcasing our innovative iris recognition solutions for access control, mobile payment and online shopping at International ICT Expo. This is our first-ever presence here to reach out to international customers. We initially developed our iris recognition access control system for military applications. With sophisticated features, our solutions can meet various workplace needs such as access control in construction fields. A portable iris recognition device for electronic payment using the technology to ensure better security is also available for buyers looking for fintech solutions. We have met with a number of buyers from different places here. A UAE buyer appeared to be especially keen to acquire our iris recognition technology. Some Korean buyers also approached us to discuss business. We’ve arranged more meetings with buyers from other places like Canada and India to explore cooperation. The business prospect looks great. We will definitely exhibit again next year.
Andrew Shin, CEO, Ai Platform, Korea
“In business for 11 years, Hiteshi is a fast-growing SME in India developing a wide range of IoT and mobile solutions for customers worldwide. Our IoT solutions, mobile apps and cloud solutions are catering to the needs of different industries. We have established a strong presence in healthcare and retailing sectors in particular, with clients across the world from USA to Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong and Australia. This is our sixth-year participation in the International ICT Expo. We love showcasing our solutions here as the fair has generated good business for us over the years. Again, we’ve reaped positive feedback. The response was even better than last year. Many buyers from different places such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and Canada have approached us to explore cooperation. This is a very good fair where we can meet with so many professional and business-oriented buyers.
Manoj Mirchandani, CEO, Hiteshi Infotech Private Limited, India
“We are making a strong presence at the International ICT Expo again this year. A total of 28 Indian companies are showcasing a wide range of ICT solutions including embedded technologies, IoTs and innovative devices at the Indian pavilion. The Expo has been generating positive results for us over the years. About 50% of the participating Indian companies are repeat exhibitors this time as we can find good value in this fair. India has a strong ICT industry and we are staying ahead in the Smart City development with 20-25 cities in India embracing Smart City initiatives. We are happy to participate in the Expo every year to expand business worldwide, especially the markets of Hong Kong and Asia. This is the place to do business and everything has been well managed here.
Gurmeet Singh, Joint Director, Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council, India
“LUKKEN is participating in the International ICT Expo for the first time to promote our customised solution backed by face recognition technology to customers worldwide. It is designed to collect data with face recognition to analyse the gender, age, and feelings of the audience or customers so as to enhance advertising and marketing initiatives for better results. Even the Korean government adopted our solution to gather relevant information of voters in election campaigns. We have met with a number of buyers from different places such as USA and India. A Spanish buyer engaged in advertising business is now negotiating with us for a contract. This is a good fair to showcase new technology and expand business globally.
James Lee, CEO, LUKKEN, Korea
“With the Smart City theme of the Expo this year, we put together various applied R&D innovations we developed to keep industry players abreast of the latest technologies on offer. Our innovations include smart farming platform, electric vehicle quick charging station, smart street lamp monitoring system and smart GPS shoes for the elderly. A major highlight is the 2nd generation in-vehicle infotainment system that adopts the MOST-150 multiple ring networking technology while our portable electric vehicle charger kit also attracted strong enquiries. Both local and overseas visitors showed serious interest in our innovations. The Expo offers an excellent opportunity for us to showcase the newest technologies and allow visitors from various industries to grasp the way forward for better business growth.
Dr. Ooi Hoe Seng, Senior R&D Manager (Smart Mobility), Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems R&D Centre, Hong Kong
“LSCM strives to facilitate the adoption of innovative ideas and technologies for logistics and supply chain operations. We are making a lot of efforts in various projects of IoT, sensing network, AI, robotics technology and automation. The Smart City theme of International ICT Expo this year goes well with the initiatives we’re working on to create extra value through smart solutions. Our exhibition highlights include ultra-wideband technology for logistics applications, robotic effector system for label affixing and RFID blind cane navigations system. We’ve received strong enquiries from a lot of visitors coming from logistics and other industries. Our ‘Follow-Me’ Robots & Platooning Technology is a major focus and many visitors expressed interest in adoption. The Expo has brought together so many exhibitors and visitors all under one roof to exchange ideas and explore future growth opportunities. It’s a very good platform for everybody.
Stephen Wai, Assistant Director, Business& Project Development Section, Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies (LSCM), Hong Kong
“Surbana Technologies is part of Surbana Jurong Group in Singapore. Our parent is a leading Asia-based urban, industrial and infrastructure consulting firm, providing a wide range of services including architecture, facilities management, security services and smart city solutions. This is our debut presence at International ICT Expo. A key focus is promoting our lift monitoring system that allows remote monitoring of lift operations with real-time data. We’ve met with a number of Hong Kong buyers including MTR Corp and Chevalier (HK) Limited at the fair. They showed interest in our system. Overseas buyers such as those from the Philippines and Mexico also came to make enquiries. The Expo is quite an international fair, drawing buyers from different countries. It is certainly a platform to gain exposure. I also take the chance to learn about the industry trends and the Smart City landscape in Hong Kong.”
Dr. Yi Fung Ng, Principal, Business Development, Smart Cities, Surbana Technologies Pte. Ltd., Singapore
“Esri leverages on geospatial technology to build smart communities through a geographical information system. Our solution enables easy access to location-based intelligence from weather to traffic conditions, air quality, and even the availability of car parking spaces in specific areas. The International ICT Expo provides a solid platform to showcase our system and reach out to more customers. We have established initial contact with a diversity of buyers from different places such as the Chinese mainland, UK and Indonesia. We will engage in further dialogue to exchange information to pursue cooperation. The Expo is well organised with exceptional service. The traffic of visitors has been good and the guided tours for buyers have generated fruitful exchanges. We also got in touch with other exhibitors to discuss trends and potential business cooperation.”
Tony Chan, Senior GIS Solution Manager, Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited, Hong Kong

Buyers' Quotes

“AsiaCorp helps various Scandinavian brands in different sectors such as food & beverages, jewellery, fashion and home décor to increase their brand value and expand business in Asia Pacific, especially the markets of the Chinese mainland, Korea and Japan. This is my first visit to the International ICT Expo to explore opportunities and expand business networks. The Expo features a lot of ICT innovation, keeping me abreast of the latest online trend and virtual technologies. The business matching meetings at the Connect Hub has been excellent and useful by drawing everybody together to network and exchange ideas. I’m deeply impressed. I’ve met a Hong Kong exhibitor whose app-based solution for visual merchandising looks quite impressive and can add value to the business of my clients. This is a good start for possible business cooperation. I will definitely visit the Expo again.
Andrew M. Wood (right), General Manager – Asia Pacific, AsiaCorp, Denmark

“Founded in 2003, Vivo specialises in renovation and fitting out projects for retail premises in Hong Kong and Macau. This is our first visit to the International ICT Expo to find innovative ideas to cope with business development. Through the business matching service, we’ve found the communication and animation applications of several exhibitors from Hong Kong and Korea quite interesting. One of them is Now Communication Company Limited whose real-time communication app can help enhance our business operation. We are also developing an app to improve communication with our customers. The Expo offers us some interesting ideas. We’re happy to have been here and will discuss with those service providers for business development.”
Philip Poon (left), Project Coordinator, and Christie Yau Sui Ki (right), Vivo Contracting Limited, Hong Kong

“Yeast is a business consultant providing a variety of IT and marketing support for customers in different businesses in Brazil. This is my first visit to the International ICT Expo to find new digital and web solutions for our customers. So far, I have got in touch with a Canadian exhibitor for an innovative app that can help our clients develop e-commerce business. There are a growing number of e-commerce startups in Brazil, thus giving rise to strong demand for ICT solutions. The Expo offers a lot of choices and interesting ideas. The Smart City solutions being showcased here are also impressive. It’s been a very rewarding trip.
Paulo Boesso, Marketing Consultant, Yeast, Brazil

“We are a major privately-run venture capital investor based in Hangzhou. We have established a strong portfolio of investments particularly in consumer electronics, ICT technology, blockchain and IoT solutions. Our average investment is around RMB20 million to RMB30 million each project while the amount can go up to RMB100 million for a bigger-scaled venture. This is my first visit to International ICT Expo to find investment opportunities. The Startup Zone is showcasing some interesting offers. We are especially interested in smart solutions, AR and VR initiatives and IoT systems. At the concurrent Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), I’ve also found some potential companies including a Hong Kong exhibitor offering smart diapers and a Chinese mainland exhibitor providing innovative educational solution for kids. The Expo is good and I’m quite pleased with the results.
Lu Xinliang, Vice President, Hangzhou NewMargin Ventures, Chinese mainland

“American Insight is an English learning school in Brazil with three branches, providing quality English classes to change people’s lives. We have established strong IT support for our learning programmes to enhance the accessibility of users and stakeholders. We are looking for innovation all the time. I am visiting the International ICT Expo for the first time and it’s been a great experience.. I have already found three suppliers for various solutions including Korean company Minglecon Co., Ltd. for an educational game for learning and Canadian company Sinitic Inc. for a chatbox platform automating multilingual customer support. Talks are being held with two Indian exhibitors CDN Solutions and Hiteshi Infotech Private Limited for VR/AR, mobile app development and gamification. The first two projects can be finalised within one month at the earliest.
Thiago Lopes, CEO, American Insight, Brazil

“DEPA is a government agency responsible for promoting digital economy in Thailand. We also supervise the Smart City initiative across the country. Phuket is the first city to embrace Smart City management solutions and that will be followed by Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen. This is my first visit to the International ICT Expo to learn about the latest trends about IoTs, AI analysis, big data solutions and the development of startups that are closely tied with digital economy. There is so much to see and explore here. I really love the Smart City Zone and the Startup Zone where a diversity of innovative solutions and ideas are on offer. For instance, Cisco Systems (HK) Limited and Microsoft Hong Kong Limited have showcased something very impressive. I’ve gathered a lot of information about the new trends that will drive the future growth of economy. The Expo is an excellent exhibition.
Norasit Yorkhan, Vice President, Digital Investment and Industry Promotion Department, Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), Thailand

“KJI Industrial is a well-established manufacturer of home electrical appliances. We invest constantly in R&D and provide a wide range of high quality products for customers worldwide including international brands. We make continuous efforts to innovate in keeping with the trends of smart home and smart living. It’s been a great pleasure visiting International ICT Expo. There are a lot to see and choose from. At the booth of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I found a R&D project for medical application quite interesting and the technique can be used for the making of smart kitchen appliances. I’ve met with many exhibitors. Among them, a Chinese mainland manufacturer presented an appealing display solution that may suit our electrical appliances. We will also negotiate for possible business development. The Expo is a very good fair with new ideas abound. It’s great to be able to meet face-to-face with so many exhibitors and discover the newest offers here.
Stella Ip, Innovation Executive, KJI Industrial Limited, Hong Kong

“Kallistian runs an online retail platform selling a great variety of consumer products from electronics to health & beauty, homeware, gifts and baby items. Major markets are USA, UK and Australia. This year, we joined a delegation of the E-Commerce Association of Hong Kong to visit the International ICT Expo to learn about the latest technologies and applications. The Expo has a lot of innovations on offer. The Smart City Zone is especially interesting, showcasing many advanced smart living solutions. It really inspired us to think and plan ahead for the future. At the concurrent Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), we have found some consumer products such as earphones for commercial use, small home appliances, electronic sports devices and wearable torches. Some orders were made already, involving a diversity of styles in small quantities. Biggers orders will be placed if consumers’ responses are positive. We’re happy with what we got from the visit.
Sharon Wong, Director, Kallistian & Co. Ltd, Hong Kong
“In business for 15 years, Dalian New Vision runs an AR school offering innovative children education products that apply AR technology to ensure better learning experience. We are a leading play in the provision of AR-backed learning for children in the Chinese mainland, with a variety of novel products from books and toys to animation. This is my first visit to International ICT Expo and Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) to source new applications and products. I’ve already met with an exhibitor providing surveillance software and we will discuss further on detailed specifications for business development. Talks are also underway with two other exhibitors for Bluetooth speakers and a book with color screen for promotional purpose. This is a rewarding journey. I’m pleased with what I’ve got from the fairs.”
Zhao Lianghua, Founder/CEO, Dalian New Vision Media Co., Ltd., Chinese mainland
“Leading the way in big data analysis and smart utilities management,  RongFa Group is engaged in the smart city development in Jilin Province. We are leveraging on various new technologies to support the smart city initiatives such as water and transport management in pilot cities. That’s why I am visiting International ICT Expo for the first time to find innovative solutions and hardware items. The Smart City zone is really impressive with a lot of interesting offers. The logistics solutions showcased by LSCM are quite unique and we will pursue cooperation through further negotiation. I’ve been in touch with Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems R&D Centre to explore R&D collaboration in battery technology. Talks are also being held with some other exhibitors to exchange ideas on smart city solutions. The Expo offers a great chance to learn about new technologies and build relationships. We have big projects in the pipeline, requiring a lot of technology support. The order amount will be large and can easily go up to US$1 million or above.”
Li Dawei, Project Deputy General Management, RongFa Group, Chinese mainland
“NUbiz is an ICT solution provider in Korea, offering a wide range of services from big data analysis and sharing to IoT solutions, smart work management and mobile AR survey applications. Big data is reshaping the world and we ride on the wave with innovative initiatives for data value creation. I am visiting International ICT Expo to find something new to enhance our services for customers. I really like the Smart City Zone where some amazing ideas for advanced city management are showcased. There are so many interesting applications and solutions related IoT and big data analysis at the fair. I have established initial contact with Canadian exhibitor TEKTELIC Communications Inc through the business matching service. TEKTELIC’s IoT solution incorporating sensor devices for smart home control looks quite attractive. I will discuss with my colleagues in Korea about building business with them. This is a good fair. The business matching service is useful and the guided tours for buyers help us get to exhibitors effectively.
Park Inho, Director, NUbiz, Korea

Investors’ Quotes

“We are a major privately-run venture capital investor based in Hangzhou. We have established a strong portfolio of investments particularly in consumer electronics, ICT technology, blockchain and IoT solutions. Our average investment is around RMB20 million to RMB30 million each project while the amount can go up to RMB100 million for a bigger-scaled venture. This is my first visit to International ICT Expo to find investment opportunities. The Startup Zone is showcasing some interesting offers. We are especially interested in smart solutions, AR and VR initiatives and IoT systems. At the concurrent Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), I’ve also found some potential companies including a Hong Kong exhibitor offering smart diapers and a Chinese mainland exhibitor providing innovative educational solution for kids. The Expo is good and I’m quite pleased with the results.”
Lu Xinliang, Vice President, Hangzhou NewMargin Ventures, Chinese mainland
“Dragon Gate Investment Partners is a New York-based investment firm. We’re engaged in startup incubation and always look for companies with growth potential to invest. The theme of our investment for 2018 is space economy while last year we focused on blockchain. This is my first visit to International ICT Expo to find investment opportunities. The Smart City Zone offers some inspiring ideas like smart farming without the need of sunlight. One of the exhibitors Smart City Consortium has something quite unique and interesting on offer. I’ve also got in touch several other exhibitors including Shenzhen WYC Technology Co., Ltd. and Power 7 Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., involving wireless charging and other innovations. The Expo has so much to see and choose from. As long as the startups have the right ideas, we will invest. The key is to find companies that can distinguish from others and offer something unique in the market.”
Lijie Zhu, Managing Director, Dragon Gate Investment Partners, USA
“Technology is the driving force for the world’s new economy. In business for about 8 years, Ferry Venture Capital focuses on investments of IT startups with innovative solutions that create new value. At present, many of the Chinese mainland startups we invested in are spreading in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen and Chengdu. We usually look for new investment opportunities through business connections. This is my first-ever visit to International ICT Expo to find startups of IT-related software and hardware. Among the companies I met, Hong Kong exhibitor CLEARgo e-Business Consultancy Limited presents the best growth potential. Its omni-channel retail and in-store mobile solution can help retailers monitor inventory and raise operational efficiency. We will conduct further discussion for collaboration, with a potential initial investment estimated at US$1 million to US$2 million. The Expo offers some interesting IT solutions from different places of the world. It’s a good chance to learn about the trend and the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong.
Xuefang Wang, Partner, Ferry Venture Capital, Chinese mainland

Startups' Quotes

“We have set up a pavilion at International ICT Expo this year to showcase innovative products and solutions offered by Hong Kong startup companies operating in Qianhai. A total of 11 Hong Kong startups are here promoting a variety of B2B and B2C offers from smartware to fintech, robotic gear and energy saving solutions. The feedback has been terrific. The startups have attracted a lot of interest from buyers and investors. Some of them already secured business contracts on the first day of exhibition. The traffic of visitors has been so good and we’ve gained extensive media coverage to raise our profile. Qianhai is a hub for young entrepreneurs and startups to innovate and forge ahead with unique business models. The Expo serves as the right place for them to launch their ICT offers and grow business.
Lierence Li Kam Chuen, PR Manager, Qianhai International Liasion Services Limited, Hong Kong
“B4B is making its presence at the International ICT Expo for the second year to promote the development of big data and AI innovation. We achieved a great success at our debut last year as the Expo raised the awareness about the B4B Challenge (Big Data for Business Challenge). The annual contest seeks to provide a platform that connects big data demand and nurtures talents and startups to apply innovative solutions in big data. The latest contest attracted even more participants, thanks of our successful showcase at the Expo. We’ve shortlisted 14 startups with innovative applications in four categories, namely health, supply chain, Smart City and students. Seven of them are joining us here to showcase their ideas. Last year, some of the participating startups successfully secured sponsors or investors through the Expo. We are optimistic about getting positive responses again this year. This is an excellent place to promote big data for digital transformation.
Daniel Yuen, Big Data Evangelist, B4B Limited, Hong Kong
“Wee Creation is showcasing our OpenVR.shop solution and Mobile.Cards membership system at International ICT Expo for the first time. OpenVR.shop helps physical store’s operators to create a virtual reality branch to boost revenue while consumers can enjoy new interactive shopping experience on the VR stores. Over 100 customers in Hong Kong including F&B outlets, specialty shops and fashion retailers are now using our solution. Mobile.Cards enables cost-effective membership and loyalty programmes for retailers. With our solutions, even small-sized retailers or companies can take advantage the big data technology at reasonable costs to drive business. We’ve received strong responses from international buyers at the fair. A hotel developer from UAE expressed serious interest in applying our VR solution to promote its properties. An Indian buyer looking for innovative ICT solutions also came to us for possible business development. Further talks will be conducted and we are positive about concluding business with them. The Expo is an excellent place to meet international buyers and expand our presence globally.
Keith Lee, Co-founder, Wee Creation, Hong Kong
“Founded in 2007, Imago Software is making our first-ever presence at International ICT Expo to promote our innovative chatbot solution, an artificial intelligence-based natural language service providing multilingual customer support. Our solution can integrate easily with the software of clients and partners, and support English, Cantonese, Putonghua and Japanese. Existing customers include companies engaged in tourism and finance as well as hotels, property firms and small enterprises. At the Expo, we’ve met with a lot of buyers from different places including the Chinese mainland, Japan, Korea, Russia and Hong Kong. We have been kept busy all the time and the feedback is very positive. We are keen to expand our business globally and the Expo offers a perfect platform to reach out to different kinds of international customers.
Sam Lee (second from left), Co-founder and Head of Development, Imago Software Limited, Hong Kong