Immigration Regulations to be Observed and Followed by Exhibitors


1. Exhibitors from outside Hong Kong


According to the policy of Immigration Department of Hong Kong, foreign visitors are allowed to remain in Hong Kong for the purposes of sightseeing, shopping, as well as conducting contracts, attending meetings and conferences, etc. For the purpose of immigration control, visitors are subject to certain conditions of stay specified in the Immigration Regulations. These conditions preclude a visitor from taking up employment, whether paid or unpaid and he is not allowed to establish or join in any business. Those who wish to be engaged in day-to-day business operations or investment activities in Hong Kong will have to apply for a work permit.

In the case of a trade exhibition, whether an exhibitor needs a work permit would depend on the nature of the business of the exhibition booth he/she mans and his/her activities therein. In general, if the exhibitor's activities are focused on promotion without engaging in retail sales, he will not need to apply for a work permit. However, if an exhibitor from outside Hong Kong is engaged in retail sales activities, a work permit will be required.


2. Exhibitors from Chinese mainland


Where Chinese mainland exhibitors participating in trade fairs are concerned, it should be noted that they must apply for exit permission from the relevant Chinese mainland authorities. For business visits, Mainland residents have to apply to the PSB Office in their place of domicile for permission to enter Hong Kong under the Business Visit Scheme. The PSB will issue an exit-entry permit with a business visit endorsement to Mainland business visitors. Exhibitors from Chinese mainland are required to meet Hong Kong Immigration regulations as stipulated in Item 1 of the above.


3. Hong Kong Exhibitors


If any local exhibitor is planning to deploy or hire any personnel from outside Hong Kong at the booths during fair period (including move-in and move-out days), the above regulations (Items 1 and 2) will also apply.

For details of Hong Kong immigration regulations, you may access the Immigration Department's web-site ( If you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact Hong Kong Trade Development Council.